Alexa is your # 1 assistant in the kitchen!
No matter what you want to eat or dine, you can ask him to find you delicious cooking recipes.
Just Ask Amazon Alexa
How do I install the Kiwilimón skill?
1.- Open the Alexa application on your device
2.- Search for Kiwilimón in the "Skills" section
3.- Click on our skill and then on "Install"
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What can I do with the Kiwilimón Skill?
Search recipes for cooking
Take the step by step to cooking
Pause your process and come back later
Send the recipe to your email
Try these phrases to use the kiwilimón skill
"Alexa, open kiwilimón."
"Alexa, look for recipes."
"Alexa, open kiwilimón and give me recipes with papa."
"Alexa, open Kiwilimón and look for a recipe for chilaquiles."
Frequent questions
Where do I find the skill of Kiwilimón?
How do I install the Kiwilimón skill?
Can I watch kiwilimón videos with Alexa?
How does Alexa cook with me?
Where can I buy the Alexa device?
Does the Kiwilimón skill have any cost?
Can Alexa tell me the ingredients in other units?
Can I make a super list with the Kiwilimón skill?
How can I easily return to find more recipes?
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