Day 1
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Day 1
This detox challenge does not seek to eliminate toxins, but to restart your diet and your body with homemade and light meals, reviewed by the nutritionists of Te Cuida, to end or start the year with an eating plan that helps you feel good.
It's time to put processed foods aside and start eating in a nutritious and delicious way, perfect for detoxifying yourself from eating habits that are not working for you.
This detox challenge brings you recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks between meals, as well as drinks to cleanse you from the inside.
Learn to eat in a balanced way with our recipes and the guide of our nutritionists, and check that kiwilimón Te Cuida.
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What did you think of the menu for the Day 1?
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Carmen González
17/02/2022 09:00:06
Me parece delicioso y saludable
Rosemary Sa
04/02/2022 20:15:51
Se ve bien pero la col provoca gases y eso me hace sentir incomoda
Martha Beatriz Montiel Martinez
04/02/2022 01:09:19
Excelentes recetas saludables
Sara Estella Paciello Navarro
28/01/2022 16:07:32
Me.parecio.muy sano
Chelita Minutti
28/01/2022 14:34:15
Muy atractivo!!!
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