Day 2
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Day 2
If you have tried several diets to feel better or you always need some extra snack or you're hungry, the paleo diet is one of the best options, since its dishes are rich in meat, chicken, fish, fruits and even seeds.
In this paleo challenge You will find a menu for every moment of the day; we create recipes that do not contain cereals, legumes or sugars; but they do have large amounts of antioxidants. The paleo diet It has gained great popularity because it is one of the options that allows you to better absorb nutrients, since your body processes the food you consume easily and naturally..
Follow this paleo challenge And find menus to lose weight that you can cook in different portions and for any time of the day; You can also prepare some snacks that will help you calm your cravings. Do not forget that it is important to include physical activity in your daily routine.
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