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Recipe of Candy palettes

Candy palettes

30 mins
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These palettes in addition to practices are very easy to make, they are very practical to decorate a centerpiece, gift to your friends & most delicious.


2 portions
  • 4 small marshmallows
  • 1 medium chocolate
  • wheat pasta, big
  • 250 grams powdered sugar, for the meringue to paste the chocolates
  • 2 tablespoons meringue powder, tureens, for the meringue to paste the chocolates
  • 1 glass Water, hot, for the meringue to paste the chocolates
  • 1 bag vegetal color additive, for the meringue to paste the chocolates
  • lemon juice, for the meringue to paste the chocolates


To make these little ones we have to make the meringue to paste each chocolate & shape it.
Beat two tablespoons of meringue powder with lemon juice at medium speed, until creamy consistency.
Add the glass sugar to the mixture and if we see that the dough looks dry we add a spoonful of hot water and continue beating until it is creamy.
Add another two tablespoons of icing sugar & if dry add the second spoonful of hot water and so continue until you finish with 250 grams of icing sugar. (You will not throw more than 8 tablespoons of water).
To add color to the mix, add only a little vegetable dye & two drops of lemon.
With this mixture the chocolates are stuck & we decorate eyes, buttons & smile with the vegetable coloring.


With a small bag, make a hole in the corner, very small to decorate.

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