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Recipe of No-Bake Multicolor Cheesecake t  (live class)


Recipe of No-Bake Multicolor Cheesecake t  (live class)


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Recipe of No-Bake Multicolor Cheesecake t  (live class)

No-Bake Multicolor Cheesecake t (live class)

30 mins
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We present you a very easy dessert in which you do not need to use the oven. Enjoy taking the LIVE CLASS of this easy No-Bake Cheesecake. Don't wait for a special occasion, make it today!
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6 portions
  • 3 sticks Philadephia cheese, (190 gr each) (0.42oz)
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar, 180 gr (0.4oz)
  • 1 1/2 cups butter, at room temperature
  • 10 teaspoons milk, 50 ml (1.69 ounces)
  • 1 1/4 cups whipping cream, 280 ml
  • 1 teaspoon liquid vanilla, 5 ml
  • 2 envelopes gelatin powder
  • 2 packages Marbú® cookies, (ground)
  • 1 jar vegetal color additive, purple
  • 1 jar blackberry jam
  • 1 package blueberry


For the crust base: Cut the "Estrella" Star brand parchment baking paper in the shape of the base for easy release of the cake from the cake mold.
Put a little butter on the bottom of the cake mold before placing then he paper in the bottom, this will prevent the paper from moving.
Cut the acetate paper into strips to cover the width of the sides of the mold that we are going to use. This will help us not stain the cake when we remove the cake from the mold, and making it easier to remover.
Crush the cookies, we can do it by hand and strain the cookie crumble that is produced.
Melt the butter in the microwave.
Mix the cookie crumble with the butter.
Place in the bottom and press on the bottom of the base with the help of a potato masher to make it even and firm up the base.
Put the mold into the freezer.
For the filling: On a bowl add Philadelphia ® cheese.
Add the sugar and whisk using a balloon whisk.
Add the whipping cream to the the mixture until it peaks.
On a separate bowl mix the gelatin with a part of the sugar, add water and dilute in the microwave.
Mix the hot gelatin with warm milk and vanilla, to avoid lumps.
Divide the mixture into three parts and color.
Pour and spread evenly one layer of each color into the mold.
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
To decorate: Place a layer of jam and fruit on top.
Add the flowers.

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Gaby Hernandez Madrid
22/07/2018 20:00:35
hola amigos de kiwilimon este mansaje es para la chef yaz de queso crema philadelphia espero que te acuerdes de mi soy gaby hernandez madrid muchas gracias por tus saludos que linda tu amiga gaby hernandez madrid.
Jaime An
16/11/2017 12:11:30
Excelente Receta, La verdad explicado de manera muy sencilla .Se ve delicioso
Mary Mtzo
01/06/2016 16:18:33
duda cuanto tiempo se deja en el congelador antes de servir?
Mildred Caballero
18/03/2016 23:04:05
A través de Android no puedo ver la receta como puedo hacer ?
Diana Bell Glez
30/12/2015 00:10:36
A través de Android Quisiera ver el video pro se ve delicioso...
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