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Recipe of Saint Valentin cake

Saint Valentin cake

45 mins
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There comes one of those days that they say is invented by El Corte Ingles and that, like any other day of the same kind, always leads us to the same question. What will I give you this year if I already buy everything ?. Well, for sweet lovers I bring you an idea that you will love.
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8 portions
  • 400 grams strawberry
  • 400 grams cream, to mount
  • 400 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 2 Biscuit
  • 2 oranges
  • 3 sheets unflavored gelatin
  • sugar, ride cream
  • chocolates, in balls


We can start cleaning and cutting the strawberries and reserve.
Prepare the gelatine leaves. Let them hydrate in a bowl with cold water the time that is specified in the package, usually with 10 minutes is enough. After these 10 minutes, we will use 3 or 4 tablespoons of the cream that we are going to use to dissolve the gelatin sheets. The tablespoons of cream should be hot and unmounted.
While the gelatine leaves are hydrated, we go riding the cream. (Remember that so that the cream does not war when it is time to mount it is convenient that it is very cold and that the container we use should be well cleaned and if it is also much cooler. With a pinch of fat the container will be it's almost impossible for the cream to fit us well). Once assembled, we add the cheese and the spoonfuls of cream with the gelatin dissolved, the gelatin should be warm, and mix well with enveloping movements from the bottom up, taking care that the cream does not fall out. This mixture can be divided into 2 parts to use only to fill the cake or we can divide it into 3 parts, 2 large for the filling and another smaller to spread the side of the cake as I did. That goes to the consumer's taste
Finally, before starting to assemble the cake, prepare a juice with 2 oranges to, with the help of a spoon, wet the biscuits.
We began to assemble the cake. We placed one of the sheets of sponge cake, we wet it with orange juice, we tossed one of the parts of the cream-cheese-gelatin mixture that was more or less uniform distributed throughout the base and we cover with strawberries.
Repeat the above steps. On top of the strawberries, put the other sponge cake, wet it with the juice, cover with the other part of the cream-cheese-gelatin mixture and finish with the final layer of strawberries. If we want to cover the side of the cake, now is the time.
To finish, the decoration is missing. I use conguitos although you can use whatever you want, lacasitos, clouds, chocolates, jelly beans ... or you can just leave them as such. As I say, that is already to your liking. We left in the fridge overnight. that curd well and ready to enjoy.

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