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Recipe of Dusty


45 mins
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Exquisite powdery ideals for children's parties or tea, at any time are ideal.
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60 portions
  • 500 vegetable shortening
  • 500 grams sugar
  • 800 self-rising wheat flour, sifted
  • powdered sugar
  • 1/4 pinches baking soda


Place in a bowl all the vegetable shortening and add the sugar little by little, beat preferably with a blender until the mixture is creamy and the sugar grains do not feel too much.
Sift in another bowl, the leavening flour or else it has can be all use and the bicarbonate or royal powder and mix them.
Pour the previous mixture to the whipped butter with the sugar. At this time the ingredients will be kneaded. when incorporating the flour it will seem that it never joins, but with the continuous kneading the ingredients will be gathered, it can knead directly in the bowl or on a table with a rolling pin.
Knead until you get a compact and soft bun that does not stick to the bowl or the table or fingers. let stand for about 10 min. extend and leave approx 2 cm thick and cut with a short cookie or make small balls and then crush them type "arepitas" everything will depend on the size you want to make them.
Preheat the oven to 180 ° approx. Fry and flour a cookie sheet, place them not too tight to avoid sticking. Leave in the oven for 15 min or until they are a little browned.
Finally, when removing the tray from the oven, sprinkle sugar or granulated on top and let cool and then remove them from the tray.


You can add vegetable coloring to make it colorful at the time of mixing for the younger ones.


You can use glass sugar to beat less if you do not have an electric mixer . With a fork, pass it through the cookie to achieve lines that will serve as a design when making them.

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