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Strawberry Jello-Cake

20 mins
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Are you a fan of original desserts? Now you can add this Strawberry Jello-cake recipe to your collection of easy dessert recipes to prepare. This Jello cake has three flavors and textures: strawberries and cream, sponge cake made with a blender and also, a cake in an oven proof dish, it couldn't be more perfect! A detail to consider when preparing this Strawberry Jello cake is that when you add the gelatin of water, be at room temperature, to prevent the strawberry and cream gelatin from melting


12 portions
  • 1/2 cups butter, melted, for the sponge cake (90 g) (3.17 oz)
  • 1 cup flour, for the sponge cake
  • 2 eggs, for the sponge cake
  • 1 cup condensed milk, for the sponge cake
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence, for the sponge cake
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda, for the sponge cake
  • 1/4 tablespoons salt, for the sponge cake
  • 1 cup condensed milk, for strawberry and cream gelatin
  • 1 cup sour cream, for strawberry and cream gelatin
  • 1 cup milk, for strawberry and cream gelatin
  • 190 grams cream cheese, for strawberry and cream gelatin
  • 1 cup strawberry, for strawberry and cream gelatin
  • 3 envelopes gelatin, for strawberries and cream gelatin (21 g) (0.74oz)
  • 4 cups Water, hot, for water gelatin
  • 1 on jelly, of water, strawberry flavor, for water gelatin (25 g) (0.88oz)
  • 3 envelopes gelatin, for water gelatin (21 g) (0.74oz)
  • 1 cup strawberry, sliced in half
  • enough Mint leaf


Preheat the oven to 170°C. (338°F)
For the cake, blend the butter with the flour, 1 cup of condensed milk, the eggs, the vanilla essence, the baking powder and the salt until obtaining a smooth mixture.
Pour into a previously greased and floured oven proof dish, smooth and bake for 20 minutes or until cooked. Let cool and set aside.
For strawberry and cream gelatin, blend condensed milk with cream, milk, cream cheese and strawberries. Gradually add the unflavored gelatin in the form of a thread, while still blending.
Pour the previous mixture carefully over the cake and refrigerate until set.
For the water gelatin, dissolve the strawberry gelatin powder in the hot water and add the hydrated and melted gelatin. Allow to cool to room temperature and set aside.
Place the strawberries on the milk gelatin, some mint leaves and pour the strawberry flavor water gelatin carefully. Refrigerate again until set.
Cut into slices and serve.


Serve in slices and serve with milk.


It is important that, at the time of adding the water gelatin, it is at room temperature so that it doesn't melt the strawberry and cream gelatin. A quick way to set the gelatin is to put them in the freezer, as long as you keep an eye on them to prevent them from freezing.

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Aztlan Shared
31/03/2020 10:52:13
Muy rica y súper bonita que queda 😊
Carlos Ojeda
23/03/2020 01:17:10
Es necesario la crema ácida para el Postre? Agradezco su ayuda
Martha Lopez
03/12/2019 08:45:07
Muy práctica y sabrosa
Sergio J Ortiz Serna
03/12/2019 07:36:13
Quedó muy sabrosa y elegante!!!
Isabel Pas
02/12/2019 18:27:31
La haré gracias
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