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Recipe of Nougat Curd Cake with Cava Jelly

Nougat Curd Cake with Cava Jelly

20 mins
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I really wanted to do it, because the idea is very good, but I love doing it my way as you all know. In principle because I am not willing to buy ingredient by ingredient, but to use as I always do, the ingredients that go around the house and make it mine and until now it has worked for me and I am sure that it will work for you too.
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10 portions
  • 3 eggs, (foam sponge cake)
  • 60 grams sugar, (foam sponge cake)
  • 30 grams cornmeal, (foam sponge cake)
  • 45 grams wheat flour, (foam sponge cake)
  • 30 grams powdered sugar, (foam sponge cake)
  • 200 grams sugar, (for the nougat fruit set)
  • 1 Tablet nougat, jijona (for the nougat fruit set)
  • 650 milliliters milk, (for the nougat fruit set)
  • 500 milliliters whipped cream, (for the nougat fruit set)
  • 3 envelopes gelatin
  • 200 milliliters Cava Peñalba López® wine, (cava jelly)
  • 200 milliliters Water, (champagne gelatin)
  • 200 grams sugar, (champagne gelatin)
  • 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin, (champagne gelatin)


We start with the foam cake. Preheat the oven to 200º for 15 minutes as always. Cascamos the eggs and put them in a bowl, to which we add the 60 gr. of sugar and with a blender of rods we whiten until we see that it doubles its volume. Once folded its volume mix the rest of ingredients, flours and sugar glas and add little by little to the eggs and with a silicone paddle we are giving enveloping movements so that the eggs are not lowered, so until all is well mixed .
We have the mixture on a baking tray with baking paper. We introduce in the preheated oven and lower the temperature to about 160º for 10 minutes (according to ovens). Once the cake is made, always trying to make it as white as possible, toasted is not worth it. We take out of the oven and place on a clean cloth. Cut to the extent of our mold and the rest that we over, forbidden to throw it, I have another recipe that I will tell you in the next post. Well we have the base, now if you do not want to complicate, buy it done that also you are worth and you save this step.
We go to the nougat curd. We leave a small glass of milk and the rest we add it in a jug or glass of blender next to the nougat tablet, except for a piece of it that will be used to decorate the jelly. We also add the sugar and cream and beat well until the turrón tablet is completely undone. Once this is done, we heat the mixture in a saucepan or pot, stirring constantly (ask the family for help). And with the reserved cup we use it to dissolve the sachets of curd. Once it's washed out, add it together with the mixture we have in the pot, let it boil and set aside, wait a minute and put it back to boil and set aside. It is ready to be added to the mold, covered with aluminum foil and the refrigerator, let cool for 30 minutes before adding the gelatin.
Prepare the gelatin. We put all the ingredients in a saucepan to be heated and use the gelatin according to the manufacturer's instructions whether it is powder or leaves. Once the gelatine is made, we take out the mold from the fridge, cut the piece of reserved nougat in cubes and place as you like on the fruit set. Add a little jelly, let cool another 30m. So that the nougat pieces do not move and once this time has elapsed, we carefully add the rest of the gelatin and let cool. I did it at night and the next day we are ready to taste.


Well, it seems a lot of work, but not at all, in a little while you do it and you will see how good it is. It's amazing how well the cava goes with nougat de jijona.

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