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Recipe of Orange with Chocolate Shells

Orange with Chocolate Shells

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Orange cascaritas coated with chocolate. Delicious dessert with a bitter touch. You can not eat just one ...


10 portions
  • 6 oranges, thick-skinned tart
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 lemons
  • 160 grams bittersweet chocolate


The skin of the oranges is scraped, the oranges are cut in half and the pulp is discarded. The peel is cut into strips that look like half moons. They rinse.
They are boiled with 3 cups of water in an express pot for 20 minutes. The water is changed and the process is repeated, that is, they are boiled twice in the express pot with different water to soften them and remove the bitter taste.
In a thick pot prepare a syrup with 1 cup of water, 2 cups of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.
The husks are added to the syrup and simmered for half an hour.
The shells are dried in a rack for 2 days if it is hot, but they do not dry completely. If it's cold it's 3 days.
Once they are ready, the chocolate is melted in a bain-marie and the cascaritas are coated halfway. They are put in a tray with waxed paper and they are left to cool until the chocolate becomes hard.


They are served as sweets to drink with coffee, or they can be eaten alone.


You can make the naranjitas also without chocolate. In this case, after drying them in the grid, they are sprinkled with sugar. You can freeze like this. The same can be done with grapefruit peel and sugar.

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Marina Rios Diaz
29/08/2014 16:58:31
Me encanta. Me encanta la forma como se aprovecha la cáscara de la naranja..buena idea para incluir en la dieta de los niños y adultos.
Francisco Infante
29/08/2014 11:05:00
Gracias a ti por seguirnos Francisco, que honor que formes parte de nuestra comunidad. Saludos!
Francisco Infante
28/08/2014 19:27:48
Muy ricas se ven Gracias por darnos recetas tan ricas y fáciles.

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