Gris de la Torre

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Traditional Spices Bread

25 mins
40 mins
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It is a traditional tipico christmas bread which the combination of several species make it a unique flavor which is glazed and decorated with a poinsettia flowers made in almond paste.
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12 portions
  • 100 grams butter
  • 350 grams flour
  • 100 grams vegetable shortening
  • 150 grams sugar
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 4 eggs, Yolk and white
  • 190 milliliters milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 teaspoons powdered ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoons nutmeg
  • 1 pinch whole clove
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 cups powdered sugar, to decorate
  • Water, to make the glasse to decorate
  • 1/4 kilos almond, powdered
  • 1/4 cups powdered sugar, to decorate
  • 2 egg whites, to decorate


Sift the flour with the baking powder and the spices are reserved. Mix the sugars and reserve.
With a blender add the butter along with the vegetable shortening when they are incorporating the sugars and the yolks are added one by one giving time to integrate each one if it integrates the essence of vanilla is passed to a large bowl and integrated with a globe by hand the powder alternating with liquids little by little reserves.
Beat the whites to the point of nougat and integrate into the previous mix very carefully in an enveloping form without hitting and doing it delicately and without beating a lot since you can lower your bread.
Pour into an approximately 26 "screw mold or into individual molds previously prepared either with mold release or greased and floured.
Preheat the oven. Bake at 200 ° C for 40 min. or until the bread is perfectly cooked by making the stick test and it comes out completely clean. let cool unmold and decorate.
To make the glasse with which you are going to bathe you put the sugar in a bowl and you will add water from a spoonful to a spoonful until you get the desired thickness should be like a honey. When our bread is completely cold it is bathed with glasse.
To make an almond paste, the almond powder is mixed, the icing sugar and the egg whites are mixed together very well, three large portions are made and a medium red is painted and it is painted green and a small one is painted of yellow, a covered container is left in a plastic bag so that they do not dry out. They form a good night and place them on the bread.
Finally, frost with a bit of icing sugar in a sieve.


You put a base and that each diner takes his portion or if it is in individual on each plate.


You can bathe the bread a little with some rum.

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