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Jalapeños Capeados Stuffed with Cheese

30 mins
25 mins
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The jalapeño pepper of the most used in Mexico for its excellent flavor, for being a chile that does not cost much and especially, it is perfect to fill with cream cheese. This preparation is an ideal snack for when your friends come to visit you at your home. You will see what you will love.


10 portions
  • 20 jalapeno Peppers
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup vegetal oil
  • 300 grams cream cheese
  • long sticks, necessary amount
  • Water, necessary amount
  • 1/4 cups white vinegar
  • white flours, necessary amount


You wash the chilies and leave them overnight in water with vinegar, this is to make them bite less.
The next day you put them on a kitchen towel so they dry well, then you will place them directly to the fire in the stove to start to toast the chili.
Since they are roasted (with the skin quemada) we will place them in a plastic bag to sweat, we can use a cloth towel to accelerate the process, since they cool a little we will remove them from the bag and over the water tap we will you remove the roasted or burned skin, with a knife you make a small opening to remove the seed and the vein completely, (if you want them to sting, we will leave the vein).
Once they are deveined and seedless, we will dry a little with a kitchen towel, then we will place pieces of Philadelphia cheese through the opening of our jalapeño peppers and close with the help of the toothpicks.
Place the 3 egg whites in a vessel and beat well until they harden, then place the yolks one by one and continue beating, this is to ride our chiles.
Now you will place a frying pan with oil over medium heat.
On a plate we will place a little flour, take each chili and pass it through the flour, then the beaten egg and the pan with the hot oil until they are brown, taking care that they do not burn when they are being removed and we will drain them a little, this to remove the excess oil.


Place the chilies on a wide plate and cut some of them in half so that their filling can be appreciated.


For a better flavor, serve and eat them warm.

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