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Recipe of Potato Chips and Cheese

Potato Chips and Cheese

25 mins
10 mins
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A more Mexican and traditional snack such as gorditas, but in this recipe are made with potatoes and Oaxaca cheese for a different and delicious flavor, you can accompany them with cream and sauce lettuce or solitates because they also taste delicious.
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10 portions
  • corn masses, You can make it yourself or you can buy it in a tortilleria
  • 4 potatoes, big
  • oaxaca cheese
  • salt
  • oils
  • cream


Boil the potatoes with salt.
Discard the oaxaca cheese.
To the dough, add a little salt and a few drops of water, knead it to make it soft and easy to work.
When the potatoes are well cooked, remove the skin with care not to burn yourself.
Grind the potatoes in such a way that they still feel a bit of potato chips, in other words do not let the potatoes mash.
Put salt and cream to taste the potatoes and beat them with a wooden spoon or shovel, so that the ingredients come together.
Make balls of dough in half put a good spoonful of potatoes and a bit of shredded cheese, make the gorditas in such a way that the content only stays inside so that the presentation is more aesthetic.
Put them in a pan with plenty of previously hot oil, leave them for a little while, and turn them over every now and then.
When they are ready put them to wipe, so they are not so greasy in a container with napkins or a large sieve so that the excess oil leaks.


Put them in a large container so that everyone can grab their own gorditas and enjoy them alone or with salsa, you can also open them and prepare them with lettuce.


If you use the colander, make sure there is a plate down so that the table where the gorditas are is not dirty.

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05/06/2014 08:49:13
Así es Alborada, se vale pecar de vez en cuando :)
04/06/2014 12:38:29
paracen de buen sabor para salir un pòco de la rutina del cuidado a la dieta parecen una buena opciòn y se ven de buen sabor

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