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Recipe of Wings to the Piquín

Wings to the Piquín

10 mins
30 mins
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I share the recipe of some delicious chicken wings seasoned with dry chili pepper, easy and delicious, ideal for a meeting or watching your favorite TV show.


4 portions
  • 1 kilo chicken wing
  • piquín chilis, to taste
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon oil


Rinse the wings, trim the ends and split them in two. Pour a little salt on them (not much because grain salt is added later) and mix well.
Pour the wings in a large pan or wok with the hot oil and start cooking, making sure to move them frequently.
Meanwhile, in a mortar or pestle, grind the chili pepper (I used 1/4 cup, but it may be more depending on how hot they taste) with the grain salt.
Once the chili is broken, add a quarter cup of water to make a sauce.
Once the wings have boiled and they begin to brown, pour the piquin chile sauce over them, if there was a lot of chili in the molcajete, add a little more water to rinse.
Stir the wings so that they are well impregnated with the sauce and continue cooking until the water disappears and they are well browned.
Remove from heat and place on a large plate and serve.


You can serve them on a leaf of lettuce for a better presentation and accompany with sticks of celery and some dip to taste.


You can add salt to the wings before cooking them if desired or you can add more grain salt to the molcajete. To cook the wings faster you can cover the pan.

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