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Recipe of Cabrales stuffed sardines

Cabrales stuffed sardines

45 mins
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Easy, simple and delicious. You can not ask for more of this recipe. A little fish, a little cheese, battered and ready. Well, the cleaning of the fish does not tend to taste very much, but I assure you that this time it's worth it. The taste contrast of fish with Cabrales cheese is spectacular. You can use blue cheese if you do not find the authentic Cabrales (it will not be the same) but you will also be rich.
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12 portions
  • 500 grams sardine
  • 100 grams goat cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • flour
  • olive oils


We clean the sardines well inside and out. To open them, very carefully, we remove the central spine and cut the tail if we resist. We also remove any thorn that may be stuck to the meat of the sardine.
Put a sardine with the skin on the plate on the plate and place pieces of the cheese on it. The cabrales cheese is not very easy to laminate so if it cracks when you cut it do not panic, you put the pieces loose and nothing happens. For the most exquisite, instead of putting the chopped cheese you can prepare a rich cream by mixing well in a bowl a little Cabrales cheese with a little Asturian cider (the pouring). We put another sardine with the skin out, making a lid, and reserve. We put to the fire a frying pan with abundant oil.
Touch the batter. Prepare a plate with the flour and another with the beaten eggs. We start by passing the sardines through the flour and then through the beaten egg.
We add them to the pan and let fry until they are golden brown. We remove them from the pan and leave them on absorbent paper so that they release the excess oil and they are ready to eat.

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