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Cups of Ceviche

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Ceviches are a typical preparation of places like beaches or hot. These original ceviche glasses are a very quick preparation, since it is robalo fillet prepared with vinegar and lemon, a touch of olive oil and mixed with tomato, filleted purple onion, apple tree, avocado and oregano that will have an incredible flavor. It's the perfect snack for the hot season.
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4 portions
  • 1/2 kilos sea bass fillet, cut into cubes guys
  • 1/2 cups lemon juice, to marinate the fish
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, to marinate the fish
  • 1/2 cups tomtato, cut into cubes guys without seeds
  • 1/2 cups red onion, cut into cubes guys
  • 2 Chile Apple, cut into cubes guys
  • 1 tablespoon oregano
  • 1 pinch salt and pepper
  • 1 avocado, in a fan to decorate
  • 1 radish, cut into slices to decorate


In a bowl mix the cubes of fish with lemon juice, olive oil and a little salt. It rests in refrigeration during 1 hour so that the lemon changes the consistency of fish.
Mix the fish with the tomato, the cucumber, the purple onion, the apple-tree chili, season with oregano, salt and pepper to your liking.
Serve the ceviche in small glasses, decorate with a fan of avocado and radish. Join with cookies and enjoy.


Serve the ceviche in small glasses and decorate with the tomato, purple onion, apple tree and oregano, do not forget to accompany it with toast, chips or crackers. Decorate each cup with an avocado fan.


Remember that for ceviches the fish should always be very fresh, this is appreciated with a firm consistency of the fish and the smell of the sea.

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China Vigil
26/11/2017 11:33:57
Hermoso y sabroso si compense.
Juan Cruz
14/07/2017 23:21:08
Simplemente deliciosos¡¡¡

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