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Recipe of Monkfish with Cava
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Monkfish with Cava

30 mins
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Monkfish is one of the ugliest animals of creation. Apart from ugly, it has a bad face. Live alone in the depths of the sea and do not relate to anyone. He is stubborn, but stubborn, stubborn. Half the body is occupied by the head, large, imposing, with a respectable mouth and teeth that are scary. It is capable of swallowing prey that double its size. The other half of your body is styled and is the best snack. A monkfish tail is the most. It has no thorns and that makes it ideal for those people who only see a fish and choke. Usually the soup is made with the head of the monkfish. It gives a good flavor and so, stewed in the cellar, it is an excellent dish for the holidays. The ugly can also have its beautiful side.


4 portions
  • 800 grams monkfish fillet, in steaks
  • 300 apples, pippin
  • 50 grams sugar
  • 300 grams red apple, for crunchy filling
  • 1 raja cinnamon
  • 200 grams almond, in granillo
  • 2 pieces pasta, brick (sheets)
  • 100 grams whipping cream, (cream)
  • broth, or fish fumet
  • thyme
  • 1 leek, or leek
  • pilgrims
  • wine, sparkling or cava
  • 1 egg, smoothie
  • olive oils
  • salt


First, make the applesauce by sautéing the apple pieces and add the sugar at the end, pass through a sieve and set aside.
Sauté another apple cut into cubes together with a cinnamon stick. When done, the almond is incorporated in granillo. This preparation serves as a filling for the crunchy.
Stretch the pasta brick, put a spoon of the stuffing and roll up. Paint with egg to seal and fry in hot oil.
To make the sauce, make a background with sautéed leek, with the hearts of apples, thyme, rosemary, cava and fumet. We let it reduce for ½ hour.
In the end, add the cream, strain and reduce again until it has a consistency of light cream.
The monkfish will be grilled with a little oil and salt.


To put on a plate, put a quenelle of applesauce, the crunchy roll and the monkfish. Next, we salse.

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