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Recipe of Mixed porridge for the whole week

Mixed porridge for the whole week

15 mins
30 mins
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Excellent idea to cook all the porridges that you use in the week, from scratch, and they will not be of the same flavor, since everything depends on the combinations that you can think of; ideal for busy moms (that is: "all"), full of flavor and nutrients
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10 portions
  • 1 chicken thigh
  • 1/2 chicken breasts
  • 1 potato, small, unshelled and cut into slices
  • 2 zucchini, cut into canes
  • 1 broccoli, chopped into pieces
  • 4 leaves chard, disinfected and without stem
  • 1 cup pea
  • 2 carrots, without shell and cut into canes
  • 1 cup rice, steamed
  • 2 liters water, purified or the amount needed


Place the clean chicken in a pot with enough purified water and bring to a boil. Do not use salt, garlic or onions, as babies should not eat seasoned food until after one year of age. When we notice that the broth of the chicken has foam on top, we must remove it, because they are the impurities of the broths, and it is not a very good idea to leave it.
Wash all the vegetables perfectly and remove the skin from the carrots and potatoes; disinfect the chard leaves and remove the stem; Reserve all the vegetables divided into pieces, because we will place them little by little according to their perfect cooking time.
When the chicken is almost ready, at approximately 20 minutes of cooking, it is time to place the potatoes, carrots and peas, since these are the vegetables that take longer to cook.
When we notice that the vegetables that we added in the previous step are almost ready, we add the broccoli and the pumpkins, we will cook it for about 3 minutes and we will remove them, since we do not want them to rust and change their emerald green color, I put them in a separate container without broth.
When we have removed the broccoli and the pumpkins already cooked, in its exact point, we add the leaves of chard, and leave it only 1 minute, because we do not want them to overcook and lose their nutritional properties.
At this point we have all the vegetables ready, the chicken already cooked and we must put out the fire, and we will proceed to liquefy the vegetables little by little, making so much combination we can think of, but not forgetting that in each of them, we must add chicken , a little steamed rice (washed, cooked with water or broth over low heat and covered, add water, as necessary) and a little of the cooking broth to keep the consistency that your baby please
I start liquefying, for example, chard with chicken and rice, add a little broth and liquefy or process; the resulting porridge I keep in 1 to 2 containers of glass, which have a lid and continue with the next combination, that is, I can continue liquefying potatoes with peas, chicken, rice, and have some chard that remains of the process of previous liquefied; and so on until making different combinations, all in different glass bottles.
When you finish liquefying all the vegetables and all the combinations that you can think of, it is time to mark each bottle with the name of the combination of vegetables used in each of them, as well as the date of preparation. Use an indelible down. On this occasion I got: chard; of potato with peas; of broccoli and pumpkin; of carrot with potato; pumpkin; all with chicken and rice. With this you will have a good control of the food and also a great variety, with which your baby can not be bored, and all starting from the same base.
When the papillas are cold, you can refrigerate the ones you use in the next 2 days, and the rest, you have to freeze them. Just remember to pass them to the refrigerator part one day before you need them, so they will be completely defrosted at the time of heating. I heat them to Baño María, but if there is no possibility, and there is only a microwave oven, I use it, heating only a few seconds.


Remember to serve these delicious porridges at a good temperature, taking care not to burn the baby, in a dish of bright color and with a spoon that does not hurt your gums, if you still have no teeth.


You can use chicken giblets to make it more nutritious or add a little bean or lentil broth.

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