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Recipe of Monstrous Sandwich

Monstrous Sandwich

15 mins
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This sandwich will be a pleasant surprise for your children when opening the lunchera. Or you can also give them as a light dinner. Cooking for them is fun, you'll see.
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1 portion
  • 2 slices white bread
  • 2 slices wholemeal bread
  • 2 slices american cheese
  • 2 slices york ham, semi thick
  • pickles, little ones
  • pretzel sticks
  • green olives
  • 2 slices fresh white cheese, or panela, thick
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard


Toast the bread a little but without letting it burn especially the white bread. Once roasted it will be easier to give it a semi circle shape. The one you make with wholemeal bread should be bigger.
In this step you have 2 options. Cut the bread, cheese and ham separately and assemble the monster or make the sandwich placing mayonnaise, mustard, cheese and ham, and with the tip of a knife go giving the shape that appears in the image.
With a cookie cutter in the shape of a moon and a star, make shapes from the slices of cheese. And with cream cheese, or a similar one, you can form balls that look like stars in the sky.
For the eyes you only have to cut the olives into thick slices and the pickles too (ideally, use the smaller ones). In the center put a ball of cheese that will form the eye and a black sesame seed or something similar to make the iris (center of the eye).
Cut the ham into small triangles that will form the teeth.
Now if you put everything as it appears in the photo, at the last one put some pretzel sticks that form the legs.


Decorate in an extended dish and form starlets with cream cheese. If you put it in tupper try to make it a small one so that it does not move.


Fill it with the ingredients that you like the most. Remember that your imagination can make you create incredible things, do not worry if you do not get the same.

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