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Recipe of Elote tamales with green chile

Elote tamales with green chile

40 mins
2h 10 mins
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Delicious corn tamales recipe is a dish that mixes the sweet with the salty. Perfect as a rich breakfast or as a delicious dinner. It is a recipe that is very profitable and cheap, since when you cook it you have 100 tamales left. With this recipe you can spend a fun time cooking as a family.
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50 portions
  • 8 kilos dough, of Elote (ground corn)
  • 2 butter, clarified
  • 1 vegetable shortening
  • 800 grams Chihuahua cheese
  • 500 grams fresh cheese
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 fist salt
  • 2 zucchini
  • 8 Green Chiles
  • 100 corn leaves, for tamales


The green chiles are roasted and then placed in a plastic bag to cool, peeled, the seeds are removed and cut into strips
In a container of approximately 9 Ltrs where you can put your hands, beat the butter until it is creamy and without balls.
Butter is added together with the butter and beat until they are incorporated
Zucchini are liquefied together with evaporated milk
To the butter and butter already beaten add the mass of corn, fresh cheese and chihuahua, liquefied zucchini, sugar and salt, and beat all until all the ingredients are well incorporated.
On the Tamal Leaves, place a large spoonful of the prepared dough and a strip of green chili, wrap it and place it in a steamer pot, one after the other around the pot in a slightly inclined vertical shape.
They cook for about an hour and a half.


You can serve them with frijolitos.


You will know that the tamales are already there because you will begin to perceive the characteristic tamal aroma.

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Francisco de Jesus Peña Lee
24/01/2017 21:53:54
No entiendo que cantidad de manteca Gracias
Elvira vela
12/11/2015 14:21:57
A través de iOS Yo los he preparado pero no les pongo tantos ingredientes, solamente el elote, mantequilla, azúcar y un poco de sal, y quedan deliciosos, con una sal sita de tomate con Chile Serrano o del monte
05/10/2015 16:44:04
ana un kilo de manteca, y dos litros de mantequilla
Guadalupe Zazueta
05/10/2015 16:43:35
es un kilo de manteca y dos litros de mantequilla
Guadalupe Zazueta
01/10/2015 19:46:50
Cuanto? Una manteca vegetal, pero que cantidad?

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