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The adafina is a stew of chickpeas made with lamb meat, it is a stew that is part of a single dish that is served hot. It is a very popular dish among Sephardic Jews because it is traditionally made in a pot. mud on Friday night and eaten during Shabbat.Figure in some ancient references also called as Adefina, the word originates from the Arabic word dafīnah meaning treasure, buried hidden.It is a stew that is part of a unique dish served hot.


8 portions
  • 2 kilos meat, of chest, or 1 kilo of chest and 1 of hock
  • 1 veal, (hand)
  • 500 grams chickpea
  • 24 potatoes, or medium potatoes, peeled and turned
  • 10 eggs, haminates (boiled with 5 skins of onions to darken)
  • 1 onion, whole with skin
  • 330 milliliters olive oil
  • nutmegs, or macís (nutmeg peel)
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • water, cool


Put the chickpeas on soak the night before. Boil the eggs together with the skin of the onion to get a dark color (haminaded eggs).
In a stainless steel casserole, put in this order: oil, chickpeas soaked, meat tied with string, the hand of veal, hard boiled eggs, peeled potatoes whole and turned.
Prepare the filling: half a kilo of minced meat with 100 grams of boiled rice and 3 beaten eggs. Salt and pepper, add nutmeg. This filling is wrapped in a very thin cloth, tying the edges in the shape of a sausage.
Season and cover with cold water. Cook, as soon as the foam comes out, remove it. Add the filling. Top with some dark caramel, made with sugar in a pan.
Cover and let cook all night, over a very slow heat.
To serve.


If you wish to follow the Kosher tradition, it can be presented in a clay pot at the center of the table.

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