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Recipe of Vermicelli Chinese with Chicken and Vegetables.

Vermicelli Chinese with Chicken and Vegetables.

1h 30 mins
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Who does not like pasta? But richer still Chinese rice pasta with chicken and vegetables that keep us online, in other words eat pasta without remorse.
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4 portions
  • 1 package rice pasta, 250 gram vermicelli
  • 1 chicken breast, of approximately 1 kilo, boneless
  • 1 head onion, big
  • 1 branch chives, large, only the stem
  • 1 stem celery, big
  • 1/2 carrots
  • 1/2 green bell peppers, and red, big
  • 6 mushrooms, big
  • salt, garlic, pepper, ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate) and soy sauce knorr
  • sesame oils, to perfume
  • corn oil, soy or sunflower amount necessary only to sauté vegetables and chicken
  • few sake, (Japanese rice liquor or brandi)
  • few cornstarch, or potato to thicken


We take the chicken breast cut it in strips or squares as best we can, we marinate it with garlic, salt, soy sauce, ajinomoto, pepper and a little bit of Sake or Brandy and reserve while we prepare the vegetables.
The onion head is cut in half and sliced ​​in julienne, the chives take the stem and cut it diagonally, also the carrot (only half of one) cut into julienne, the paprika in the same way in julianitas and Finally the mushrooms and we booked in separate plates.
We put the water to boil to cook the pasta, this paste is very thin and when you put it in the water it becomes transparent like all the pasta you must bite it until it feels al dente, but it cooks in less time. No salt is added during cooking as the soy will give the necessary salt. When it is cooked immediately, we strain it and put it in cold water to stop the cooking and reserve.
In a Chinese wok or preferably Teflon house pan heat the pan first of all until it is seen to smoke, as they say there as Chino plate, (You must have all the vegetables ready to add to the pan at hand). You put corn oil, soy, sunflower, canola with neutral flavor and with your hand you should know how hot it is, immediately in the following order you will add the vegetables. The onion head and chives saute 1 minute, then add the carrot and celery, mushrooms and turn it another minute finally the paprika not for long because they should be crispy, add salt to taste, and soy and sauté for another minute and you remove from the fire the vegetables you place in a tray or plate and reserves.
In the same pan or wok you return to heat another bit of oil and when you smoke the chicken that was marinating, we sauté and give the desired point and reserve as the vegetables.
Similarly heat the pan or wok again while we strain the pasta and toss all the vegetables and chicken with their juice or sauce and while boiling in a small cup we take a little water and mix with the starch corn or potato and we give the desired thickness, this step must be done carefully so that the sauce and vegetables do not become too sticky, the sauce should be a little light.
Finally add the Chinese Vermicelli and we give a couple of minutes to absorb the taste of the sauce, rectify taste in soy and salt and when we turn it off we put a little sesame oil as when we perfum and ready! Bon Appetite!


This pasta can also be combined with shrimp or any seafood of your choice.

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Araceli Sastre
08/09/2016 09:19:53
A través de iOS Delicioso
Lucy Hayashi
17/07/2013 15:38:15
Delicioso!!!! Acabo de hacer esta receta y me quedo super deliciosa!!! Gracias!!!! solo agregue de mas unos camarones marinados en una salsa agridulce, y al final espolvorie ajonjoli tostado mmmmm una delicia!!

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