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Hot Dogs 4 Ways

50 mins
35 mins
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We bring you 4 versions of Mexican-style hot dogs that will fascinate you: try the version of the governor taco style hot dog with shrimp and poblano pepper gratin with cheese, another version with the classic choriqueso, or a hot dog where the sausage is of shepherd and it is accompanied with the classic pineapple, onion and coriander, and if it does not convince you we give you the recipe for the sonorous style hot dog that will be the sensation.
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8 portions
  • 1 tablespoon butter, for the governor
  • 1/4 cups red onion, finely chopped, for the governor
  • 1/2 cups poblano chile, roasted, cleaned and sliced, for the governor
  • 1 cup shrimp, clean, for the governor
  • 1 teaspoon oregano, for the governor
  • 1 pinch salt, for the governor
  • 1 pinch pepper, for the governor
  • 1 cup Manchego cheese, grated, for the governor
  • 4 slices bacon, for the governor
  • 2 sausages, for the governor
  • 2 hot dog buns, for the governor
  • black refried beans, for the governor
  • guacamole, for the governor
  • red sauce, for the governor
  • 1 cup chorizo, cut into cubes for choriqueso
  • 1/2 cups white onion, finely chopped, for choriqueso
  • 1 serrano chile, finely chopped, for choriqueso
  • 2 cups asadero cheese, grated, for choriqueso
  • 2 hot dog buns, for choriqueso
  • 2 sausages, for choriqueso
  • 1/4 cups pico de gallo, pra srvir, for choriqueso
  • 1/4 cups black beans, cooked, for choriqueso
  • 1/8 cups white vinegar, shepherd's hot dog marinade
  • 2 guajillo chiles, clean and deveined for shepherd's hot dog
  • 2 ancho chiles, clean and deveined for shepherd's hot dog
  • 1 tomtato, roasted shepherd's hot dog
  • 1 tablespoon achiote (annatto), for shepherd's hot dog
  • 1/2 onions, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 1/2 teaspoons cumin, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 3 whole cloves, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 1/4 cups pineapple juice, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 2 sausages, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 2 hot dog buns, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 1/4 cups pineapple, for shepherd's hot dog
  • green sauce, for shepherd's hot dog
  • onion, for shepherd's hot dog
  • fresh coriander, for shepherd's hot dog
  • 2 güeros chiles, for hot dog sonora
  • 2 sausages, for hot dog sonora
  • 2 hot dog buns, for hot dog sonora
  • 10 slices bacon, for hot dog sonora
  • 5 slices american cheese, for hot dog sonora
  • 1 cup young green onion, for hot dog sonora
  • 1 cup French fries, for hot dog sonora
  • mayonnaise, for hot dog sonora
  • mustard, for hot dog sonora
  • ketchup, for hot dog sonora
  • guacamole, for hot dog sonora


Hot dog Governor: Heat a pan over medium heat with the butter, cook the onion with the slices and shrimp, season with oregano, salt and pepper. Add the Manchego cheese and cook until melted. Reserve.
Wrap the sausages with the bacon and cook in a grill pan over medium heat with the bread.
On a table place the hot bread and spread with the beans, the guacamole, place the sausage and serve the shrimp. Serve with a little sauce.
For the choriqueso hot dog: Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat, cook the chorizo sausage stirring occasionally, until crisp and brown. Add onion, chile serrano, and asadero cheese. Cook until the cheese is melted and all the ingredients are evenly incorporated. Taste and adjust seasoning. Reserve until ready to use.
Heat a grill over medium heat and place the sausages on the hot side of the grill, turning occasionally until they are cooked through; meanwhile toast the hot dog buns. Place sausages on buns and top with choriqueso, pico de gallo, and black beans.
In a marine bowl the sausages with the pastor's marinade for 15 minutes and reserve.For al pastor hot dog: For the marinade, blend the white vinegar with the chilies, the tomato, the achiote, the onion, the garlic, the cumin, the cloves, pineapple juice and salt to your liking.
Heat a grill over high heat and cook the sausages along with the bread, reserve.
Serve your hot dog with the al pastor sausage, pineapple, coriander, white onion, green sauce and enjoy.
For Sonora Hotdog: Place the sausage inside the clean and deveined chili, wrap in bacon and yellow cheese. Heat a grill pan over medium heat and cook the chiles with the sausage and bread.
On a board spread the bread with the guacamole, fill the bread with the chili, serve the onions on top, the potato chips and accompany with mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.


Serve the hot dogs with all their sides.


Brown the bread with a little butter to make it delicious.

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