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AAFM Red Rice

20 mins
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This dish is rich in starch and protein, in addition to being able to be accompanied with almost any strong dish or to be eaten as an entrance. In this case the recipe is to have a red color, but there are many ways to cook the rice and combine it with whatever you want.
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6 portions
  • 1 1/2 cups rice
  • 3 cups Water
  • 1/4 onions
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tablespoon bouillon powder
  • to taste salt
  • 1/2 cups mixed vegetable, optional


Wash the rice using a colander with cold tap water until the water comes out completely clear (to remove impurities)
Heat water in a small pot and let the rice stand for 15 minutes, then drain (this is to remove excess starch)
Blend the tomato, onion, garlic clove, a splash of water (taking it from 3 cups of water to not decompensate, this is so that it liquefies better)
In the small pot, heat the rest of the 3 cups of water with the consommé and salt to taste (it is recommended that it be slightly salted)
In a saucepan, fry half a tortilla in oil over medium high heat (this indicates that the oil is hot and also gives it a different texture).
Fry the rice in the oil, and keep stirring it with the spoon (this process seals the rice to prevent it from being beaten and that the chemical components are less harmful to health)
When the rice begins to look a golden color, pour the liquefied mixture and leave cooking for a few minutes without stopping to move [this will paint the rice and give part of its seasoning]
When the rice absorbs the mixture, pour the water from the small pot (it must be hot to accelerate the cooking process) and keep moving [this will start to make the rice sponge]
When the water starts to boil, stop moving, cover it and reduce it to low heat (this to take care of the rice, avoid that it is beaten and let it cook well)
When 15 minutes have passed, carefully, add a spoon to verify that there is no water in the bottom (if there is still water, cover for 10 more minutes and check again until there is no water), turn off and let stand 10 minutes


Use wooden shovel

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