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Romeritos (Seepweed) Cakes with Mole

50 mins
30 mins
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For your Christmas Eve dinner, make these delicious Romeritos cakes with Mole. It is a delicious recipe that is very easy to make. The flavor of mole, potato cambray, dried shrimp and mixed with cream cheese make a delicious combination. Enjoy this Mexican recipe of Romeritos herb cakes with Mole pancakes, and serve the classic Christmas romeritos herb dish in an original way. If you want it to look more elegant, you can serve each guest an individual cake with mole. Did you crave it?
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6 portions
  • enough Water
  • 500 grams rosemary, clean
  • enough salt
  • enough black pepper
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • enough flour
  • 4 San Juan® Eggs
  • enough oil, to fry
  • 1 cup mass, in pasta
  • 2 cups shrimp broth
  • 1 cup Dry shrimp, peeled
  • 2 cups cambray potato
  • enough sesame seed, to decorate
  • enough rosemary, bleached, to decorate
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Cook the romeritos for 10 minutes in salted water until they are tender. Strain and cool.
Mix the romeritos with the cream cheese, season with salt and pepper, with the help of a spoon, form the cakes.
Separate San Juan® Egg pieces into egg whites and yolks. Reserve.
Beat the yolks lightly until they change color, reserve.
On the other hand, beat the egg whites until they are about to form peaks.
Add the egg whites to the yolks little by little and mix in an enveloping way. Cover the cakes with flour and then the egg mixture.
Fry the cakes in hot oil on both sides, until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper. Reserve.
Heat the shrimp broth, add the mole in pasta and cook until it dissolves completely. Add the shrimp, potatoes and cook over low heat for 15 minutes without stopping your stirring.
Serve the cakes with the mole, garnish with sesame and fresh romeritos herbs.


Serve sauced pancakes with mole, sesame and fresh romeritos herbs.


Drain the romeritos very well so that you can assemble the pancakes. It is important to beat the yolks beforehand, so that when adding to the egg whites they do not get too low, in this way, the mixture will remain stable for a longer time.

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