Cucumber face mask

If you want to pamper yourself a bit, we recommend that you prepare this facial mask. With this cucumber mask you can exfoliate your skin in a very natural way and it will be smooth, since it is made with ingredients that you will surely have in your cupboard.

The best thing is that you can store it in the refrigerator so you can keep the best facial mask and use it when you want to cleanse your face.

Step by Step of: Cucumber face mask

Cucumber face maskCucumber face mask
Wash a cucumber and some mint leaves. After this, place both ingredients in a blender and crush until there is a good consistency.
Cucumber face maskCucumber face mask
In a bowl, place the cucumber and mint mixture, add ground oats, mint and almond oil.
Cucumber face maskCucumber face mask
When the mixture is consistent, empty in a glass container and reserve.
Cucumber face maskCucumber face mask
This cucumber mask is soft, it will leave you feeling fresh and your skin very hydrated. The mixture lasts about a month.
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