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How to choose a pineapple

The pineapple season is starting! During the hot months, it is tempting to eat refreshing fruits! Pineapple is rich in fiber and has a high content of vitamin C. It is also excellent to combat circulation problems, overweight, cellulitis and help to reduce inflammation with its antiseptic properties. Learn how to choose a pineapple and use it in fresh water, juices, fruit cocktails, cakes and ice cream.

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How to choose a pineapple
When you are in the supermarket or market, look for pineapples with a plume of bright green color and, above all, notice that when pulling the leaves they come off easily.
How to choose a pineapple
Avoid pineapples that have watery or soft parts or yellow leaves.
How to choose a pineapple
Use your smell - if the pineapple gives off a fruity aroma it means that it is good. On the other hand, if it emits a 'fermented' smell, it is already gone. If you do not dismiss any odor, it may still not be at your point.
How to choose a pineapple
Another way to know if the pineapple is ripe is to squeeze it slightly, if it releases a little juice, it is ready to eat!
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