Recipe of How to cook beans
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How to cook beans

Cooking beans can be time consuming, but it is always rich to accompany any meal with this dish. Follow this step by step to learn how to bake beans .

Step by Step of: How to cook beans

How to cook beans
For this tip you need: • Beans • Laurel or epazote • ½ onion
How to cook beans
Many times the beans, although we buy them in the super, have pebbles or mixed lentils. Check that your beans do not have something they should not have.
How to cook beans
Wash them and rinse them until the water comes out clean, 3 or 4 times to remove all the dirt.
How to cook beans
Cover your beans with water in the pot where you are going to cook, if one floats, remove it.
How to cook beans
Add some herbs, such as epazote or laurel and onion, to have more flavor.
How to cook beans
Turn on high heat and let cook, this can take several hours.
How to cook beans
If the water is finished, add a little more to cover again, to avoid burning. Repeat this process until they are completely cooked. Season with salt or chicken broth and serve hot.
How to cook beans
If you want to speed up the process; cook in an express pot; Follow this tip: How to use the express pot
How to use the express pot
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Elvira Alvarez Zurita
04/05/2020 14:04:26
Excelente recomendaciones.
Emilia Rayon Cabanzo
24/07/2018 08:53:09
Se ve que quedaran ricos de ests manera
Aurora Martinez Flores
23/07/2018 12:16:43
Falto el aceite ajos para cocer. Y se tienen que remojar una noche antes y tirar el agua de remojo.
Lily Garza
23/07/2018 12:15:04
Los remojas toda la noche , les retiras el agua del remojo , agregas agua limpia y tardarán muy poco en cocerse , agregas una cabeza de ajo y les darás un rico sabor
Aurora Baez Madrigal
05/12/2016 11:53:22
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