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How to make a bath

Sometimes we find recipes that speak of the water bath, this is a procedure that is used to gently and gently heat some food or substance, without burning or dehydrating it. The water bath serves both to cook, soften and keep food warm. If you can not buy a specific utensil for this purpose, which is known as "double boiler", I share this secret so you know how to make a bath with what you have in your kitchen.

Step by Step of: How to make a bath

How to make a bath
For this tip you need:
• Two pots of different sizes (one can fit inside the other).
• A metal bottle cap, a ring, or a piece of wood.
How to make a bath
Place the food you are going to heat in a bain-marie in the small pot.
How to make a bath
In the large pot, put water, between 2 and 3 cm above the bottom.
How to make a bath
Place the ring in the pot with water.
How to make a bath
Insert the small pot into the large one. Put it on the stove and proceed to cook.
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