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Recipe of How to peel Chiles Poblanos
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How to peel Chiles Poblanos

Los Chiles Poblanos is a fundamental ingredient in Mexican gastronomy, with them the classic stuffed chiles or the slices with cream are made. Here you will learn the step by step to peel Chiles in a simple way and without breaking them.

Step by Step of: How to peel Chiles Poblanos

CleanHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Clean the poblano chile

With the help of a napkin or a cloth, perfectly clean the poblano pepper with water. Once clean, dry the chiles with a dry cloth or napkins.
HandleHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Place the Chile in the comal

For this step you will need a comal. Place the comal on the stove at high temperature. Arrange the chiles in the comal (preferably go roasting little chiles at the same time, so that the temperature of the comal does not lower), once the skin is totally black, change the chili side. Repeat this step until the vegetable is completely black.

GuardHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Keep it in a bag

Put the chiles in a plastic bag, close it so the hot air does not escape. Wait 20 minutes to peel the chiles.
PeelHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Peel the peppers

Rub the chiles with a slightly damp cloth or napkin. Start by removing the skin on the top until you reach the bottom.
Remove the seedsHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Remove the seeds

With a knife, make a small cut to the vegetable. With your hands remove the seeds and veins of the chili, preferably use plastic gloves, with this you avoid burning your hands.
Ready to be filledHow to peel Chiles Poblanos
Ready! The chiles are ready to be filled or to be used in delicious slices with cream.
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