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How to purify water at home

On average it is advisable to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. The tap water can include germs and thereby cause diseases. That's why we teach you this super secret so you know how to purify water at home and that you do not have to spend on jugs.

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How to purify water at home
Fill a pot with water from the tap. Put it on high fire.
How to purify water at home
Once it starts to boil, leave it for 10 minutes. When the water reaches its boiling point (100º C) all bacteria die or become inactive.
How to purify water at home
Let it cool and the water will be ready to drink.
How to purify water at home
If you want to try disinfection with chlorine, the amount of chlorine that you will have to add will depend on the concentration of this substance, generally, three drops per liter are sufficient. After adding the chlorine, it is important to wait half an hour before drinking the water.
Chlorine is one of the most effective disinfectants because it is effective to eliminate bacteria.
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Vita Maldonado
06/04/2017 22:25:48
Más práctico y barato la purificación de agua con cloro, gracias por compartir los tips.
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05/04/2017 16:26:24
Sabía lo de hervir el agua porq de hecho lo hago, lo q no sabía era lo del cloro. Gracias por la información
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Buenos consejos, me ahorrare algo.
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maravilloso tip...
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