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How to Whiten Asparagus

If you like asparagus we have the perfect tip for you. Here you will learn the correct way to cook the asparagus without being overcooked or with a very hard shell. Bleaching the asparagus is the perfect technique to enjoy this delicious vegetable. The asparagus are perfect to eat seasoned with cheese and olive oil or inside a tasty salad.

Step by Step of: How to Whiten Asparagus

AsparagusHow to Whiten Asparagus
For this tip you will need:

-A potato peeler
-A pan
Cut the stem.How to Whiten Asparagus
Locate the hardest part of the plant, this is at the lower end and is white. With your hands, break this part.
Remove the shellHow to Whiten Asparagus
With a potato peeler, remove the peel from the asparagus, be careful not to break it. It only looks for to peel in the stem and not in the tip of the asparagus.
Cook the vegetablesHow to Whiten Asparagus
Heat water with a few tablespoons of salt. Once it begins to boil, introduce the asparagus and cook for 2 minutes. Remove them from the pot. Do not use the cooking water to cook other vegetables or to cook another ingredient, since the asparagus leaves an unpleasant taste to the liquid.
Place in cold waterHow to Whiten Asparagus
Immediately place the asparagus in ice water. Remove them after a minute and store them on a plate.
It servesHow to Whiten Asparagus
Ready! Now you can season the asparagus with a little Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Delicious!
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