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4 Cortes de Chiles

One way to reduce the itching in your meals if you use chilies, is to devein them. Here we show you the step by step to devein chiles in 4 different cuts: in rajas, brunoise, slices and cut to fill the chiles. With these 4 basic cuts you can give variety to your preparations and improve the presentations of your dishes.

Step by Step of: 4 Cortes de Chiles

Cut the ends4 Cortes de Chiles
For the cuts of strips, squares and slices of chili, start cutting the ends of the chili.
Remove the seeds and veins of the chile4 Cortes de Chiles
1. Rajas

Split the chili in half and with the help of the knife, remove the veins and seeds.
Cut strips4 Cortes de Chiles
Flip the chili and start cutting it lengthwise to form the strips. Seeks to make cuts of 2 millimeters thick. Be careful not to move the vegetable, to avoid cutting yourself.
Cut squares4 Cortes de Chiles
2. Brunois (little squares of Chile)

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. Once you have the chili strips, arrange them so that the tips are aligned. Cut the squares to the desired thickness.
Remove a piece of the chile4 Cortes de Chiles
3. Slices

Repeat step 1. Insert a wooden stick inside the chili and start scraping to remove the veins and seeds.
Cut slices4 Cortes de Chiles
Place the chili on a table horizontally (taking your body as a reference), start cutting slices of the size you are looking for.
Remove a piece4 Cortes de Chiles
4. Cut to fill

With a peeler (a small knife), make a cut in the middle of the chili, perpendicular to this cut, make another cut of the same size. Cut the ends and remove the piece.
Scratch the interior4 Cortes de Chiles
With the knife, scrape the inside of the chili to remove the seeds. The chile is ready to be filled.
Ready!4 Cortes de Chiles
Ready! You have just learned to remove the seeds from the chiles and you also know how to cut this vegetable in 4 different ways.
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Rodolfo Vera
01/06/2020 09:32:01
Buenos consejos
SeLin Fé
19/10/2015 15:06:25
picante sólo me quedarían las manos picantes, pero la verdad es muy constructivo el video.