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Recipe of How to make a Terrible Snack
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How to make a Terrible Snack

It's Halloween season and the little ones are going to have a party in your house, you have to prepare a snack according to the season and you do not know what to do. We present the step by step of how to make a terrifying snack, which is going to look great, as well as being a very healthy and fun snack, which children will love.

Step by Step of: How to make a Terrible Snack

Wash vegetablesHow to make a Terrible Snack
First of all, it is very important that you properly disinfect all the vegetables you are going to use, to prevent the little ones from getting sick. It is essential that you know how to wash vegetables , to properly remove the soil, then we recommend you apply a commercial disinfectant to vegetables, follow the instructions of the product that come in the package.
Clean mushroomsHow to make a Terrible Snack
Mushrooms are one of the vegetables that more land will have, so you need to pay special attention to these. You need to know the correct way to clean mushrooms , since if you put them in water with a disinfectant, they absorb the water, changing its texture. Once clean it is time to slice the mushrooms, for this you have to know how to cut the mushrooms into slices, since these will form the pelvis of the skeleton.
Cut CucumbersHow to make a Terrible Snack
Cucumbers are high in vitamin C, perfect to prevent children from getting sick from the flu. With the cucumbers you are going to create the trachea of ​​the skeleton; Place the cucumber clean and with a shell on a board, with your left hand make sure that it does not move and cut slices of it.
Cut Bell PepperHow to make a Terrible Snack
The peppers contain powerful antioxidants, perfect to avoid diseases. Remove the top part of the pepper, then cut the slices vertically, remove the white part and the seeds to the strips of peppers. These strips will form the ribs of the skeleton.
Cut CeleryHow to make a Terrible Snack
Cut strips of celery, you need two strips thinner and longer (which will be the clavicle of the skeleton) and two strips shorter and thicker (which will form the legs.
Cut Broccoli and CauliflowerHow to make a Terrible Snack
Broccoli and cauliflower are separated into small trees, broccoli will be hands and cauliflower will be knees.
Form the faceHow to make a Terrible Snack
Place onion dip in a round bowl, use 2 slices of black olive to simulate the eyes, the nose can be a sprig of fresh thyme and with ketchup forms the mouth. Use lettuce to create the hair, if the lettuce does not have much color, you can relive the lettuce .
Arming the skeleton.How to make a Terrible Snack
Finally cut green olives, which will be the elbows; uses cambray carrots to arm the arms and shins; Use jalapeño peppers together with the celery to form the thighs. Accommodates the rest of the vegetables as seen in the photo. Ready! You already have a simple snack that children will love.
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