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Recipe of How to sharpen a knife
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How to sharpen a knife

If there is something desperate when it comes to cooking, it is that the knife we ​​use does not have a sharp edge, especially when we try to cut a tomato or an onion in cubes. I share 3 secrets of how to sharpen a knife at home.

Step by Step of: How to sharpen a knife

For this tip you need:
• Chaira (metal rod for sharpening knives).
• Flat sharpening stone.
• Commercial knife sharpener.
With chaira
Hold the shawl with one hand.
With the other hand, hold the knife on the handle and put it on the handle of the steel, that is, join the handles of the steel and the knife.
The edge of the knife should be at an angle of 10 to 25 degrees with respect to the steel of the blade.
Pass the length of the edge of the knife through the shawl making as much pressure as possible. Both sides of the knife edge must be passed several times through the shawl.
With sharpening stone
The stone can be wet or dry, you decide how it is easier to use.
Place the stone in a stable place and preferably on a cloth so that it slips.
Holding the knife by the handle, pass the entire length of the knife edge over the stone at an angle of 10 to 25 degrees.
Do the same with the other side of the edge
With commercial sharpener
Check the manufacturer's instructions that come in the package.
The process usually involves passing the entire knife edge through the mechanism. This method is not recommended for fine knives.
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