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How to disinfect strawberries

Strawberries contain fiber and vitamin C, so it is important to consume them frequently; however, it is necessary to know how to disinfect them, since they may contain some pathogenic agent. Here I will explain how to properly disinfect strawberries . Follow this step by step.

Step by Step of: How to disinfect strawberries

how to wash strawberriesHow to disinfect strawberries
Do not wash the strawberries until you are going to consume them; In addition, you must keep them refrigerated in a closed plastic bag or in an airtight container.
how to choose strawberriesHow to disinfect strawberries
When you are going to consume them, separate those that are soft or that do not have good color or smell.
washing strawberriesHow to disinfect strawberries
Place the strawberries in a wide strainer and put them under the water jet.
Disinfect strawberries easilyHow to disinfect strawberries
Move constantly to remove the remains of dirt, dirt or chemicals that may contain. Rinse abundantly.
how to prepare strawberriesHow to disinfect strawberries
Do not remove the corner of the strawberries until you have disinfected them; otherwise, microorganisms can enter the pulp and disinfection will not be effective.
disinfect strawberryHow to disinfect strawberries
Once the water comes out clear, put them to disinfect as you usually do, with a few drops of disinfectant following the indications of the product. Do not leave them too long; leaving them too much in the disinfection water will affect their consistency, color and taste.
preparation of strawberriesHow to disinfect strawberries
Once disinfected, remove them from the water, drain and now cut the stalk of the strawberry (starts directly with the hand), not cut with a knife. The strawberries should be refrigerated within 2 hours of cutting them. If they are left out longer, you should discard them, as they are very prone to break down.
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