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How to freeze correctly

If the food does not freeze properly, it may become watery or lose fluid at the time of thawing. Follow this step by step and discover how to properly freeze bread, fruit or meats.

Step by Step of: How to freeze correctly

what do you need to freeze properlyHow to freeze correctly
To freeze you need:
• Resealable bags
• Aluminum
• Plastic containers with lid
• The ingredient you want to freeze
Store in a bag, tupper or aluminum foilHow to freeze correctly
Seal the food so it does not get air, in this way you will prevent it from drying out. Cover with a resealable bag, a plastic container or even aluminum.
wait for it to cool before freezingHow to freeze correctly
Never conge hot food, if you do, your ingredients will be watery when thawed.
name and dateHow to freeze correctly
Mark your food with date and name, this will help you identify it and know your life time.
order your freezerHow to freeze correctly
Accommodate your freezer well, this way your food will freeze quickly, and your products will retain their freshness and flavor when thawed. Do not forget that to freeze it is important to separate in small portions.
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Angie Garcia V
07/07/2015 18:55:34
aluminio pero el aluminio no sella perfectamente o si?
Rocío Delgado Morelos
08/10/2014 14:29:51
Es mejor en papel aluminio, porque al meter alimentos con plástico al congelador producen Dioxina que es una sustancia cancerigena Gracias por enseñarnos cosas útiles