5 Ways to Eat a Tamale

If you had plenty of tamales from the previous day or you want to try new dishes using tamale as the main ingredient, this tip will please you. Here you will learn 5 different ways of cooking the tamale, these preparations are classic Mexican recipes, only adapted for the tamale to be the protagonist.

Step by Step of: 5 Ways to Eat a Tamale

Tamal Pizza5 Ways to Eat a Tamale
Tamal Pizza If you are a pizza lover, we have a perfect tip for you. We present you the tamal pizza , a pizza made with tamale, which gives it a very Mexican touch. Perfect to surprise your friends when you invite them to dinner.
Tamal gratin5 Ways to Eat a Tamale
Gratin de tamal The gratin cheese is the perfect snack for a romantic dinner or for an afternoon of drinks with friends. Here we present a different and unique version, a delicious tamale gratin . It is a recipe with few ingredients, perfect to accompany with totopos or with some delicious tortillas.
Aztec Tamale Cake5 Ways to Eat a Tamale
Tatel Aztec Cake Aztec cake is a very popular dish among Mexicans, a product of its flavor, how cheap it is to prepare it and how easy it is to cook it. Now, can you imagine an Aztec tamale cake ? It's just fantastic. If you like the Aztec cake, you can not stop cooking it!
Fried Tamale5 Ways to Eat a Tamale
Fried Tamale The day before you prepared a green tamale and when you open your fridge you realize that there were many left over. We present a different way of eating them, we present you the delicious fried tamale .
Guajolota5 Ways to Eat a Tamale
Guajolota The guajolota is a delicious cake stuffed with tamale. Here we present the step by step so you can learn how to make this delicious dish. The guajolota is the perfect breakfast for when you get tamales from the previous day and do not have much time to cook breakfast.
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