How to make Edible Shots with Vodka (strawberry, tomato and cucumber)

Celebrate in the company of your friends any special occasion with these edible shots with vodka. They are a very original way to receive them and surprise them at home. You will be the best host!

Step by Step of: How to make Edible Shots with Vodka (strawberry, tomato and cucumber)

Shot of strawberries with vodka:

Hollow a strawberry through the bottom, frost with sugar and add a shot of vodka, finish with a little strawberry juice.
Shot of Bloody Mary:

Split the tomato in half and make a base for the narrow part. Remove the seeds with a spoon without reaching the bottom. Frosty with piquin chili, filled with a shot of vodka and another of clamato. Finish with salt, valentina sauce, a leaf of celery and lemon.
Cucumber mojito shot:

Cut the cucumber into pieces of 7 cm high, peel it and remove it without reaching the bottom to form little glasses. Add a shot of vodka and lemon soda. Finish with some mint leaves.
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