How to make Tuna Water

In Mexico we have a delicious fruit from the prickly pear, the prickly pear. Firm consistency, juicy and with plenty of liquid. It is difficult to peel the fruit, since the peel is very thick and has thorns. Here we show you a simple way to peel the prickly pear without you spraying your hands, we also show you how to make a refreshing prickly water that you and all your family will love.

Step by Step of: How to make Tuna Water

Cut the ends.How to make Tuna Water
Insert a fork in the tuna, so you do not have to hold it with your hand when cutting it (avoiding spins). With a knife, cut the ends of the fruit.
Cut the shell.How to make Tuna Water
Change the orientation of the fork, so that it allows you to make a cut along the fruit's rind, avoid cutting the pulp.
Remove the shell.How to make Tuna Water
With the knife, slowly peel the peel, until it is completely removed.
Slice the tuna.How to make Tuna Water
Cut the tuna into slices so that it grinds faster.
Add tuna and lemon juice.How to make Tuna Water
Add the prickly pears and lemon juice to the glass of a blender.
Add SugarHow to make Tuna Water
Add sugar
Incorporates water.How to make Tuna Water
Incorporates water.
Grind.How to make Tuna Water
Grind. If you want the tuna water to be frappe style, add some ice cubes to the glass of the blender. If the tuna water is very thick or very sweet, add a little more water. To give it a spicy flavor, you can add chili powder.
It serves!.How to make Tuna Water
You can strain the water to remove the pieces of seed. Serve in a glass with slices of lemon and ice.
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