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How to prepare Micheladas

In Mexico, different types of cocktails based on beer are prepared, which are known as micheladas. In this tip, we teach you how to prepare the three most popular cocktails with beer and that are already a classic in Mexican cuisine: Michelada con Camarón, Gomichela and Cuerichela. These micheladas are perfect for when they have a party or to have a good time with your friends. Ideal for a hot afternoon where you are looking for something refreshing and delicious.

Step by Step of: How to prepare Micheladas

How to prepare Micheladas
Michelada with Shrimp There is nothing more tasty and refreshing than the mixture of tomato juice with clams, shrimp, chili, lemon and beer. This preparation also has soy sauce and English sauce, which provide the balance that the preparation needs. La Michelada con Camarones is a perfect drink for when you are in the company of your friends.
How to prepare Micheladas
Gomichela It is common that many people do not like the bitter taste of beer. We have the solution!; Gomichela is a michelada that combines the acid taste of the chamoy , with the sweetness of gummies. It's a bittersweet drink that many people love. Try it!
How to prepare Micheladas
Cuerichela In Mexico it is customary to consume the pickled pork hogs, especially as a delicious snack. In the Cuerichela the cueritos are part of this tasty michelada, combining the acidic flavor of the cueritos, with the bitter and sweet flavor of michelada; having in the same preparation a snack and a refreshing michelada.
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