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How to ride a Taquiza

If in a few days you are going to have a meal in your house or you are going to celebrate a birthday of someone very dear, we have the ideal tip for you. When you plan to invite many people to eat at home, it is important that you find something easy, inexpensive and quick to cook to avoid complications. Here you will learn how to set up a table with tacos, from the recipes, to tips on how to arrange the stews.

Step by Step of: How to ride a Taquiza

Prepare saucesHow to ride a Taquiza
Prepare the sauces One can not imagine a taquiza without some delicious sauces, think that a good sauce can make your taquiza a success. What you can not miss are: green sauce in molcajete , drunk sauce, red sauce and guacamole .
Chop the accompanimentsHow to ride a Taquiza
Prepare the complements In your taquiza can not miss the onion, cilantro, lemons and radish. First start by splitting the lemons into quarters, then slice the radishes into very thin slices; now chop the onion (here we have a very nice tip of how to chop onion ) and cut the coriander very finely (check the tip of how to cut cilantro , it will be very helpful). Do not forget to disinfect all the vegetables you use.
StewsHow to ride a Taquiza
Prepare the stews This is the fundamental part of your taquiza, if you do not have good recipes of stews, it is likely that your food is not as good as you expected. Among the stews that can not fail, we have: chicharrón in green sauce , chicken tinga , potatoes with chorizo and beef tinga . It is very important that you take care not to add much spice to the recipes, since there are people who do not eat chile or there are children who do not like eating very spicy foods.
Guizados without meatHow to ride a Taquiza
Prepare stews without protein It is very important to have stew options without animal protein, for several reasons: it is increasingly common for there to be vegetarian people, people like these stews a lot, they are the perfect accompaniment for meat dishes and this option of tacos helps you lower your costs. Among the most popular recipes, we have: rajas with cream , white rice and beans from the pot .
Prepare the tableHow to ride a Taquiza
Prepare your table To your rectangular table adórnala with a very nice tablecloth (preferably with a Mexican theme). It has to be a long table, so you have enough space to place the stews, sauces, accompaniments, napkins, dishes and tortillas. If you do not have a long table, you can use two tables and join them; a very long tablecloth will help your guests not realize that they are two separate tables. It is very important to place the table at a strategic point, with plenty of space on the sides, which allows people to line up to wait their turn at the time of serving. Do not forget to place large pots near the table for people to throw garbage.
Accommodates the potsHow to ride a Taquiza
Place the pots We recommend placing the sauces and accessories in small plates (so you can allow more people to serve at the same time), the same sauce can be divided into three, the same with lemons, onions, cilantro and radishes. Heat your stews preferably using clay pots. Locate the solid alcohol. Once your guests arrive, turn on the solid alcohol cans, place the pots on an iron rack and place the solid alcohol underneath. Each pot must have its wooden ladle. Watch that the pots are always covered. To preserve the food, the ideal is that you do not completely fill the pots with the stews, it is better to be continuously filling the pots, and thus the stews are kept hotter. Place hot tortillas (use a tortillero and wrap them in aluminum foil). Do not forget to place the plates, cutlery and napkins.
EnjoyHow to ride a Taquiza
Ready! You already have your taquiza ready, now you just need to enjoy the company of your friends, family and loved ones. Do not forget to take pictures and share them with us.
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cantidades Hola que cantidad de cada guiso  sobre todo en taquizas se debe preparar por ejemplo para 100 personasGracias
Socorro Socorro
03/09/2015 03:23:48
EXELENTE!! IDEAS PARA FESTEJAR A NUESTRA FAMILIA ESTA es una exelente idea para mantener a nuestros invitados ocupados y atendiendose solitos sin nesesidad de trabajar mucho para dar atencion a nuestros visitantes como buenas anfitrionas solo preparamos la taquisa y ellos que se atiendan a su gusto!! muchas grasias por estas ideas!.......