Recipe of Mini olive skewers
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Mini olive skewers

Fun idea of ​​an original snack of mini skewers of giant olives, stuffed with breaded goat cheese. Ideal to boot on any occasion you are going to celebrate. Try them they are super good.

Step by Step of: Mini olive skewers

Mini olive skewers
1/2 cup goat cheese to fill
2 cups of large pitted olives
1 cup of flour for breading
1 cup of beaten egg, to batter
1 cup bread crumbs to brew
1 cup of bread oil
1 package of serrano ham (100 g)
1/2 cup cherry tomato
Mini olive skewers
Fill the olives with goat cheese and breadcrumbs, passing flour, egg and bread crumbs.
Mini olive skewers
Heat the oil in a deep skillet over high heat and fry the olives.
Drain in a Kleenex Calorie® Servitoalla® to remove excess fat.
Mini olive skewers
Insert the fried olives in a skewer stick with a little ham at the end and cherrys. Serve and enjoy.
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Marina Seda
05/04/2019 07:20:02
Ageadable, simpático. Económico
Pedro Duran
29/09/2017 19:04:52
Magnifica brocheta ideal para cualquier ocasion
Alejandra Sanchez
07/07/2017 00:28:01