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Recipe of 8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
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If you are tired of trying diets and depriving yourself of eating tasty things to lose weight, here are eight recommendations that will help you to lose it gradually, without sacrifices and enjoying good taste. Do not expect magical results, you better think you will start a new adventure that will help you to look better and be healthier.

Step by Step of: 8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing

8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
How simple it would be if one could lose the excess weight as if by magic, right? However, anyone who is overweight and has tried to make one or several diets at some time, knows how difficult it can be, not only to avoid the foods that one likes, but also to control oneself in situations in which to make a nutritional decision. Healthy can be complicated. Imagine avoiding temptation at a party or gathering of friends where snacks, sugary drinks and alcohol abound ... Torture, is not it?

How can you do to take care of yourself and continue having a common social and working life? It is the big question. And to help you do it, here are some strategies:

Plan your meals. This way you will know what you will eat every day and you will avoid different situations that can threaten your plan, like arriving home hungry without knowing what you are going to eat. You will also know if you should bring something ready to work or if you will have a hectic day and need a special plan to avoid temptation. And if you go to a meeting with your friends or something unexpected comes up, simply eat a small portion of what they are serving and make sure you choose water or sugar-free drinks.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
When planning your meals, think of fruits and vegetables that add color to your plate and include them in each meal as the most important portion. Replace refined flours with whole-grain products and add protein to your plate. If they are of animal origin, they can be meats, fish, eggs, cheese and dairy products in general, the latter preferably low in fat or skimmed. Remember that it is very important to keep in mind if you have any other health problems such as cholesterol or high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems, among others. In these cases, it is best to consult with your doctor about what foods you should avoid and how to prepare a diet that is appropriate for you.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
Many small meals throughout the day or few that satisfy you? It depends. You should try the method that best suits you. Some specialists recommend eating small snacks several times throughout the day to avoid being very hungry. However, there are studies that show that some people who follow low-calorie diets feel more satisfied and less hungry when they eat only three times a day. What is important is that you do not eat less than three times a day and that you do not skip breakfast.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
At the time of the sandwiches, you can choose fruits or cereals without sugar. There is also a delicious and healthy option: dried fruits, such as nuts and almonds, as much as possible without salt, raw or dry toast. They provide fatty acids and other healthy nutrients. But be careful because they contain many calories. The ideal is to eat around 15 units per serving, no more.
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Portions are important: measure what you eat. In general, we are used to serving larger portions than we really need. To evaluate it, you can help with the indications on the labels of the products. Serve yourself normally and then weigh it. At first, you will need to measure the food but over time your eyes will get used to the appropriate sizes and you will no longer need special scales, cups or spoons. Anyway, keep them always at hand to calculate when you need it.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
To eat those varied and measured food portions, turn off the television and eliminate other stimuli that can divert your attention. Then, concentrate and think about what you are eating: some studies indicate that concentrating on food can cause more satiety. Also, chew slowly and eat slowly, the longer your meals last, the better your stomach will be able to send the alert signal to the brain so you know when to stop. This can be really a challenge for some people. To achieve this, take time, for example, if you see that it takes two minutes to have breakfast, tomorrow try to do it in 5, then 10 and so on. As you can see, here it will also be necessary for you to organize yourself, since you may have to get up earlier to be able to have a more relaxed breakfast.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
Make your meals taste good. One of the biggest problems when it comes to diet is that feeling that many people have that can not eat tasty things and end up eating the same thing, something that becomes boring and tasteless. But who decides what is more tasty? Many times it has to do with customs, did you know that it is possible to eat more and lose weight? For that, you must open yourself to new flavors, try new foods, look for healthy recipes ... in short, spend some time thinking what, how and when you will eat. And this is the best part of this adventure that you will have entered, discovering and creating new things. And remember that in addition to salt and oil there is a world of spices and healthy seasonings that can make your plate of brown rice totally different in combination with one or another, even a little spicy that can even help you eat less.
8 Recommendations for Losing Weight Gradually and without Sacrificing
Finally, to accompany this process, some people have good results if they have close control of their body and their habits. Weep often and take note of what you eat, when, how much, where and why (including how hungry you were or what your mood was while eating). After a week, review your notes and begin to discover your true relationship with food, without cheating or justification. So you can modify some behaviors that you might not have noticed and that are undermining your weight and your health.

And if you are about to give up, keep in mind that the real achievements are reaped over time. Some specialists believe that it takes at least three months for your brain to adapt to new consumption habits.

Therefore, do not expect to lose weight very quickly, since in those cases you will most likely recover the lost weight quickly as soon as you leave the new habits, which can be very discouraging.

On the contrary, the proposal is that your new nutritional plan becomes a healthier lifestyle that lasts over time. Therefore, the most important thing is to incorporate these healthy habits little by little, keep track of your achievements, comfort yourself with them and not be frustrated by possible setbacks. Go ahead and immerse yourself in this adventure of flavors, aromas and colors!

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