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Back Exercises

Strengthen the muscles of your back so you can show off a cute dress with a back neckline or just to look perfect on your next vacation. Here you will find 4 very simple exercises to do.

Step by Step of: Back Exercises

Back Exercises
The bridge

On a rug on the floor, lie on your back, with the soles of your feet completely on the floor and at your hips. Relax the arms and put them to the sides.

Flex the knees and raise the hip. Hold this position for three seconds and slowly lower.

Do 10 repetitions
Back Exercises
In position of four or puppy

Stand on the floor with your knees resting on it at your hips. Your hands should also be supported on the floor and arms slightly flexed.

Squeeze your abdomen and keep your spine relaxed, without arching your back.

Extend the right leg backward and stretch the left arm forward. Stay there for two seconds and return the leg and arm to its place.

Repeat 5 times with each leg.
Back Exercises
With a Pilates ball

Stand on top of those big balls that you see in the gym so that you look towards the floor, as if you wanted to crush the ball with your abdomen and hip.

Stretch both legs back, with your feet together and place your hands behind the nape of the neck.

Now raise your chest as much as you can, take it back, without taking your feet off the floor, so that your body forms a diagonal line. Come back slowly so that your head is again in the direction of the ground.

Do 5 series.
Back Exercises
With weights

Stand up and open your legs at the height of your shoulders. Flex your knees and back slightly.

Take the weight and pull the arm up so that it is flexed.

Do 15 repetitions of each arm
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