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Benefits of aloe

I share some of the benefits and active principles of Aloe. It is a very useful plant since its benefits can be curative, food, cosmetics etc. If you have a Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera plant in your home, it is as if you had a pharmacy and a beauty consultant at your disposal.

Step by Step of: Benefits of aloe

Some of the benefits are healing properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing in wounds and burns is a cellular reconstituent, so cosmetically should be your favorite ingredient.
Treats skin burns from excessive sun exposure, burns and oil or from taking hot utensils, as aloe helps regenerate the skin.
You can chew the pulp of the aloe, this will serve for the teeth, in addition it relieves, strengthens and deflates the gums. It will also help you have a better breath.
Benefits of aloe
You can use it in smoothies and to clean the colon, it will help you to detoxify your digestive system, improving as a consequence your digestion and possibly losing a few kilos.
The black or purple bruises disappear, if you take a little of the pulp and rub it on it. It also delays the appearance of signs of aging and reduces the dark spots that appear by the sun.
Forget the itching from mosquito bites and use it to treat allergic reactions.
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