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Fill up your energy tomorrow

Product of the hectic of our daily life, it is common that one wakes up tired, without energy and with desire to return to bed to sleep a few hours more. Follow these 5 steps to start the day with great success.

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Fill up your energy tomorrow
Start your morning with a juice full of antioxidants. Before breakfast, take a delicious blueberry juice VALLEY FOODS, cranberry is a powerful antioxidant (it is rich in flavonoids), which help prevent, among other things, visual diseases (cataract, glaucoma, etc.) and certain types of cancer.
Fill up your energy tomorrow
Have breakfast on time. Breakfast is a very important meal, since your body has been fasting for many hours and needs to be fed to be charged with energy. Look for no more than 45 minutes, between waking up and eating your first meal. There are many studies that claim that avoiding breakfast makes you more likely to develop obesity.
Fill up your energy tomorrow
Exercise. Perform a small routine of 20 minutes before showering, a moderate exercise releases endorphins, which help you reduce stress and have a better mood throughout the day.
Fill up your energy tomorrow
Plan your day Many times we lose a lot of time choosing what we are going to wear or take years looking for the car keys. It is important to have everything ready one night before, so that the next day, we can prepare calmly, leave home time and avoid being stressed.
Fill up your energy tomorrow
Sleeps at least 6 hours. It is important that you sleep at least 6 hours for your body to rest. Sleeping little increases the risk of developing chronic diseases, as well as making you more likely to gain weight.
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