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Give dad a personalized gift

Get out of the ordinary and surprise him with a gift made by you especially for him. Surely you will feel happy to realize that you tried to show how much you love him. Check out these tips!

Step by Step of: Give dad a personalized gift

Give dad a personalized gift
Choose the best pictures where your dad and you appear, such as birthdays, graduation parties, your first trip to the beach, when he taught you how to drive or ride a bike, etc.
Give dad a personalized gift
Choose which way you would most like to give them those photos and print them in: - Personalized cups, print a photograph of a trip they made together and put it in the cup, it will be a way to remember that fun time they spent together. - Another cup idea is to print one or several small photos on one side and a phrase on the other that reminds you of your dad. You can also give him two cups, in one he places a picture of you and in the other one of him, and when the cups come together, it will be a way of telling him that you are always accompanying him. - A musical cup is ideal for the dad who is a lover of music, ask to print a musical note of your dad's favorite color, you will surely love it.
Give dad a personalized gift
A framed and textured photo for you to place in your workplace.
Give dad a personalized gift
A photo calendar in which each month you highlight the dates when you and he will go out, his birthdays and other important celebrations.
Give dad a personalized gift
A photocollage with several images that represent unforgettable experiences. You can order it in various sizes, even as a poster. Wrap the gift in an original box and everything will be ready, find more ideas at www.soriana.com
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