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You have probably heard that cooking or heating food in the microwave causes cancer or mutations, and you may have wondered how much truth there is behind those rumors and legends. Here we will discuss some of them so that you feel more confident when using such a practical device.

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Do not use plastic in the microwave

Although the stories about tragedies caused by putting plastic containers in the oven are exaggerated, it is true that when heated in contact with food fats, toxins are released that can contaminate food, but there are plastic containers that are safe to use in the kitchen. oven, and so the labels indicate.
Microwave radiation destroys the nutritional value of food

The food loses nutrients when heated, this is called cooking, and it does not matter if it is in the microwave, in a conventional oven, in a gas stove, in a charcoal or in a campfire. Heat causes proteins to coagulate, carbohydrates to caramelize, vitamins to disintegrate and minerals to dissolve. That is why it is recommended to eat raw fruits and vegetables.
Do not use metallic objects

The metal objects prevent the correct circulation of microwaves, since they work as antennas that alter the electromagnetic fields of the oven, causing a show of sparks. The dangerous thing is that if these sparks touch some important part of the furnace, it can decompose and you will have to use a new one.
Do not look through the oven window

Some people believe that the radiation leak can blind anyone who looks out the window, but the truth is that this window is the most protected part of the oven, it even contains a metal grid to prevent leaks, which when they occur are minimal and they do not cause any harm.
Microwave ovens cause cancer

Completely false The oven what it does is heat, is its only function. But to heat the meat to more than 200 ° C, aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons are formed, which are carcinogenic in sufficient quantities. What causes a food to become carcinogenic is not the oven but the heat, and it does not matter if it is hot in the microwave or in a pan, if it burns, it can become harmful.

Now you know, if you do not heat the food too much and use it properly, the oven is one of the most useful and practical cooking tools you can have.
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