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The 10 commandments of men's underwear

Men also need to feel comfortable and fashionable with the underwear they are wearing. Therefore, here we give you the 10 rules that will not fail when dressing these garments.

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The 10 commandments of men's underwear
Make sure it is the correct size It is certainly the most important when you choose this type of garment because it must fit perfectly at the waist, but without being pressed. Play with fabrics Test models of different textures; cotton, lycra, spandex, nylon, among others, and observe which ones you feel most comfortable with.
The 10 commandments of men's underwear
Do not stay with a single color White is a basic in men's wardrobe, but you can choose from a range of colors and patterns to leave the monotony in privacy. Get organized Just as you fold your socks, you also allocate a drawer just for your underwear. Say yes to the variety There are different styles to choose from, from classic briefs that are tighter, to boxers that are more baggy
The 10 commandments of men's underwear
Take advantage of underwear packages One way to save money is to purchase these garments when they come in packages of 3 or more pieces of different colors. Get in style The slips are boxer shorts that are in trend, especially when you wear tight pants.
The 10 commandments of men's underwear
Make sure they are made of cotton It is important to choose garments that are made of cotton with some synthetic fiber that will help to provide elasticity to the underwear. Choose according to your outfit It is not the same to wear a boxer with jeans, pants or pants. For example, if you are going to do sport a boxer could give you more movement. Time to buy new underpants When the clothes are discolored, stained or the spring is not adjusted well, it's time to go to the supermarket for new underwear, which you will easily find in Soriana
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